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The 3rd Methodology Seminar of IBGE – SMI2014 will be carried out from November 5 to 7 of 2014 in the facilities of the Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination (CDDI) of IBGE in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The main theme of the event this year will be “Challenges and opportunities in obtaining data”.National and international speakers of renowned competence on the theme will take part in the event.

The Methodology Seminar of IBGE _ SMI is an annual event organized by IBGE with the purpose of providing discussion and reflection opportunities on methodological advances, challenges and perspectives concerning the production of information.

SMI gathers technicians and researchers from IBGE, from public and private organizations, representatives of national statistical systems of surrounding countries, representatives of national, state and municipal entities of statistics and geosciences and members of the national and international academic community interested on the themes addressed.

The first edition of SMI took place in 2012, with the main theme “Data Preservation, Dissemination and Confidentiality”.

The second edition, in 2013, had as it main theme “Aggregating Value to Data: Combination, Modeling and Analysis of Statistical Information”.

Submissions of papers for oral and poster presentations will be accepted and evaluated by the scientific steering committee.



Due to high demand, registrations have been closed before the deadline because the seminar's facilities were filled to capacity.

Conferences and thematic sessions of the event held in the Teixeira de Freitas Auditorium (as scheduled) will be broadcasted live on the Internet. 

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Participants who wacth the live broadcast of the event on the Internet will not be granted a certificate of participation. 






09/08/14 - Call for papers: oral presentations or poster sessions
09/08/14 - Opening of registrations
10/10/14 - Paper submission deadline 
10/17/14 - Discount registration deadline
10/22/14 - List of accepted papers
10/27/14 - Registration deadline


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