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Visa requirements

Visitors are advised to contact Brazil embassies or consulates on visa requirements. Plan your visa application in advance, as it may take the Consular Section approximately two weeks (or more) to issue your visa. You can check your necessity of a visa to Brazil here.


Visitors may need to get a vaccine before visiting Brazil. They are advised to see their health care provider at least four weeks before traveling.


Tom Jobim International Airport: located in Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, about 20 km from downtown.

The service of special taxis is recommended from the airport to the hotel. Vouchers may be purchased at the taxi stands in the Tom Jobim International Airport on the arrivals area. Only credit cards or reais (BRL) are accepted.


The average temperature in October is 23°C (73°F).

Money exchange

Visitors may bring foreign currency or traveler checks, which may be exchanged into local currency, the Real (R$). International credit cards are generally accepted.

Currency exchange is available at the airports and in some hotels.

Electric system

Standard voltage in Rio de Janeiro is 110V. Recently, the three-pin plug was adopted as standard, but several formats can still be found.

Standard format:

formato padrão

Other formats:

outros formatos outros formatos outros formatos

Safe water

Although the tap water in Rio is chlorinated, it is recommended that visitors only drink bottled or filtered water.


When walking around, visitors are advised to avoid carrying too much money, jewels, or valuable items. They are also advised to avoid any isolated place, particularly from nightfall.

More information can be found at the Public Safety Guide.

Tourist Information

For tourist information, visitors may access RIOTUR website.

Useful phone numbers

(International) Galeão - Antonio Carlos Jobim: +55 (21) 3398-5050
(Domestic) Santos Dumont: +55 (21) 3814-7070

Police: 190

DEAT - Police Station for Tourists: +55 (21) 2332-2924 e 2332-2885

Tourism Information
RIOTUR - City of Rio de Janeiro Tourism Authority: +55 (21) 2271-7004
TurisRio - State of Rio de Janeiro Tourist Authority: +55 (21) 2333-1040

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