Poster Sessions



Poster Session – 11/05/2014, at 5:30 pm

  • From the respondent up to data dissemination – a study of knowledge management practices at IBGE – a proposal to map out the data collection process - Bruno Gomes, Cynthia Damasceno and José Francisco Rezende
  • Gender Occupational Inequality among Civil Servants from the Government Office of Rio de Janeiro State. - André Bruno de Oliveira; André Felipe Azevedo Neves
  • The use of industrial property in Brazil – 2013 preliminary statistics - CARVALHO, Sergio Medeiros Paulino; JORGE, Marina Filgueiras; LOPES, Felipe Veiga; BARCELOS, Vívian Íris
  • Simulation of the Continuous Population Census Methodology: generating and updating universes - Fabio Figueiredo Farias; Andréa Diniz da Silva; Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva
  • Spatialization of CNEFE Addresses – Managing contingencies to obtain data on urban soil use - Henrique Lorea Leite
  • National Information System for Public Security - Vinícius Augusto de Mattos Lambert Soares
  • Management of Public Policies as Problem-Solving Possibilities: Using Administrative Records in Policy Design - Viviani R. Anze; Vinicius Gomes Lobo; Régis Borges Oliveira
  • Standardization of Geographic Names in Brazil: some challenges - Ana Cristina da Rocha Bérenger Resende, Vania de Oliveira Nagem and others
  • Geographic concepts of Brazilian territorial base: restraints and possibilities - André Lopes de Souza; Fernando Souza Damasco; Gabriel Bias Fortes Pereira da Silva Medeiros
  • The importance of fertility rate calculation by means of administrative records - Antônio Etevaldo Teixeira Júnior
  • In loco 100% digital cartographic update: a methodological proposal - Rodrigo de Campos Macedo



Poster Session – 11/06/2014, at 09:00 am

  • Considerations about the importance of registration for landing areas and fishing communities in Brazil - Jaison Luís Cervi
  • Characterization of artisan fishing groups during pink shrimp crop - Aline F. Lipsky, Juliano C. Marangoni, Paul G. Kinas
  • Fishing Statistics Bulletin of Espírito Santo State, 2011: results and improvements - Guilherme Scheidt de Souza Soares; Mauricio Hostim Silva; Danielle Sequeira Garcez
  • Spatial statistics applied to fishing resources data in the eastern continental platform of Rio Grande do Norte - Marcelo F. de Nóbrega; Jorge Eduardo Lins Oliveira; Mauro Sergio Pinheiro Lima
  • Spatialization of fishing areas and identification of preferential habitats of the marine fish fauna in the continental platform of Pernambuco State - Marcelo Francisco de Nóbrega, Rosangela Lessa